Welcome to the Geography department at Bridgewater School, where students are taught a wide range of geographical issues and skills from Years 7 to 13 with the aim to providing a stimulating and thought-provoking educational experience that fosters a sense of place, and a lifelong curiosity and appreciation of the world around us.

We begin in Year 7 by concentrating on topics within the British Isles and focus on developing core skills such as map reading and graph drawing. In Year 8 we progress to European Studies, from glaciation to river flooding, whilst building upon the skills gained in Year 7. In Year 9, we develop a worldwide perspective and investigate Global Issues. The department covers physical themes such as Tectonic Theory and Climate Change, as well as Human Geography which includes the growth of megacities and international migrations.

In each year of Key Stage 3, students complete an independent research project into an allocated country, thus developing their independent learning skills and presentation techniques. We also develop valuable data interpretation skills and statistical analysis.

Geography at Bridgewater School



GCSE Geography

Geography is a popular GCSE option for our Year 10 and 11 students. We cover the AQA GCSE syllabus which helps them to develop an excellent understanding of the world around them and the challenges faced by communities and the environment as we look ahead to the future. Skills developed include communication, technology, literacy and numeracy, problem-solving and interpersonal skills through debate and discussion.

Likewise, at A-level, we follow the AQA A-level Geography course with specialist teaching in the Human Geography and Physical Geography elements. The department is very proud of the excellent examination results that Geography students consistently achieve at both GCSE and A-level and it is extremely gratifying to see the number of students who continue with their geographical studies at university.

Fieldwork Studies

Each year we offer several field trips and practical experiences to enhance our students’ understanding of geographical issues and enable them to relate their learning to real experiences of the world. Locally, we investigate places such as Salford Quays, Manchester City Centre and Bolton. Regionally, we study the Formby coastline, river processes in North Wales and tourism in the Lake District. Looking further afield, students also have the opportunity to travel internationally, studying the impacts of tectonic movements in Iceland.

Pupils' experiences are enriched by an extensive range of visits and extra-curricular activities, locally, regionally and internationally.

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