Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education is taught to Years 7-11. PSHCE lessons allow the opportunity for every student to develop the essential personal, social and thinking skills needed to safely and successfully navigate today’s diverse world, and thrive as individuals.

The curriculum is tailored to the individual needs of each year group. We teach about the challenges and responsibilities that our students may face as they grow up. As a school we are committed to ensuring that our students feel empowered and are able to develop resilience and self-esteem through the content studied.

Lessons are taught by Form Tutors. Common across the curriculum is a focus on personal health, both physical and mental, financial matters, careers, citizenship and politics, our personal and social responsibilities, and our role within a local, national and global community. Relationship and Sex Education are also taught within this framework.

PSHCE at Bridgewater School

Visiting speakers form a key aspect of PSHCE and help to further develop students’ understanding. Speakers and workshops have included the Fire Service, Police, the Red Cross, the Humanist Society, Odd Arts Drama workshops on Mental Health, plus interactive sessions on Study Skills and Alcohol Awareness.

Sixth Form follow an enrichment programme focused on developing study skills and preparing students for life after school. This includes looking at post-18 options such as university, employment and apprenticeships and students welcome external speakers on topics such as study skills, apprenticeships, university life, financial education and addiction workshops.

The freedom to be yourself is the greatest freedom of all

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