Prep School – Outdoor learning

At Bridgewater School, we are committed to providing an education that extends beyond the classroom, unlocking the full potential of every pupil through the transformative power of outdoor learning.

Academic attainment and the development of physical, social and communication skills can all be linked to learning beyond the walls of the traditional classroom. That is why our Prep pupils are immersed in the great outdoors from the word go, with the extensive grounds of Drywood Hall, Bridgewater Forest School and the adjacent Worsley Woods providing endless opportunities for learning and exploration. Here, interaction with the natural world is simply part of the weekly routine.

Nurturing holistic development with Bridgewater Forest School

Inspired by the Scandinavian education system, Forest School is a transformative journey that takes the classroom outdoors and uses woodland surroundings to engage the senses. Sticks, leaves and rocks become tools for creativity and imagination. Every visit to Bridgewater Forest School unfolds a new chapter in our pupils’ outdoor story, whether it involves den-building, weaving, creating mud sculptures or hunting for mini-beasts. Our play policy prioritises child-led learning, fostering spontaneous, inventive and intrinsically motivated activities.

Our thoughtfully crafted outdoor co-curricular programme complements classroom learning by nurturing social interaction, creativity, imagination, practical know-how and understanding. Within a controlled environment securely situated on the school grounds, pupils are encouraged to take calculated risks and given the opportunity and responsibility to take the lead in their own learning. Here, teachers act as guides; creating an environment where children can make choices, solve problems and develop the self-confidence that they can succeed in whatever they do; setting the stage for achievement in all aspects of school life.

This holistic approach cultivates a deep appreciation for the natural world, instilling a desire to understand, learn from and respect our environment through exploration and discovery within a rich, supportive and dynamic setting.

For more information download the Bridgewater Forest School handbook.

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