Welcome to the Maths department. Mathematics is one of the fundamental subjects underpinning all sciences and technology. Maths enables students to develop knowledge, skills and understanding of mathematical methods and concepts, which will be of use outside of study and can also help in other subjects. In Key Stage 3, we follow a scheme of work that builds on the foundations needed to complete the Edexcel GCSE course in Year 10 and 11.

In Year 7, the pupils are taught as a Form group. The course is based around all the methods and concepts that pupils would have learnt at primary school and build upon their current knowledge, including a more in-depth introduction to Algebra.

In Year 8 and 9, pupils are set into three groups. The lowest set tends to be a smaller group so that the pupils that are most in need of support, get more one-to-one time with the teacher. This also allows pupils who are more naturally gifted in Maths to progress further with more complex topics.

Maths at Bridgewater School

Every year we complete the UKMT Maths Challenges at Junior, Intermediate and Senior level. The Junior Challenge is aimed at Year 7 and 8, the Intermediate at Year 9 and 10, and Senior Challenge is aimed at students in Years 11, 12 and 13.

GCSE Maths

In Key Stage 4, students are set as in Key Stage 3 and we follow the Edexcel GCSE syllabus with pupils following either the Foundation or the Higher scheme of work for the two year course. GCSE Maths involves the study of arithmetical topics such as computation, approximation, measurement and personal finances, as well as ratio, which leads on to work involving scale drawing, similar objects and Pythagoras.

The course also covers the geometry of 2 and 3D shapes and calculating associated angles, lengths, areas and volumes. Students will continue to develop skills in interpreting and presenting information in graphical and statistical form applied to different situation and in solving problems involving probability.

GCSE Statistics

Some pupils in the top set in Year 10 will also be given the opportunity to complete the GCSE Statistics course as an extra GCSE after school for one hour per week, with the aim to sit the examination at the end of Year 10. We also follow the Edexcel course for Statistics as it complements the Maths GCSE course and style of questions asked.

Bridgewater will not only help you to reach your goals, it will enable you to exceed them.

Phoebe Moss, Head Girl 2018-19

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