Pendleton School of Theatre, Season of Shows
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The Pendleton School of Theatre stages several major shows each year, which often receive five-star reviews and accolades.

Shows include a variety of popular musicals, dynamic dance productions, dramas and hilarious comedies, collectively known as The Pendleton Season of Shows.
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The Pendleton School of Theatre, part of Pendleton Sixth Form College, is well-known for its yearly Season of Shows. All of the shows are produced and managed by the Head of the Centre of Excellence for Performing Arts, Neil G Bennett, who has a breadth of experience in the sector, previously conducting choirs and orchestras in the West End and on Broadway.

All of the productions, which are put on by the college’s talented and carefully selected students, are staged and performed in one of two professional theatres, The Ben Kingsley and The Eccleston Theatre.

Past productions have included Phantom of the Opera, The Great Gatsby, Scrooge, Animal Farm, Daisy Pulls it Off and The History Boys, as well as a range of musical and choral performances.

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0161 631 5000
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Pendleton Sixth Form College
Dronfield Road
M6 7FR
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