Exemplary behaviour by our pupils

Students from Bridgewater recently enjoyed a sports activities trip to Club La Santa, Lanzarote. The school received the following email from a passenger on the return flight regarding the conduct of our pupils:-

From: Daniel Cheng
Sent: 04 July 2017 20:43
To: Admin
Subject: Bridgewater School Students – Club La Santa Trip

Dear whom it may concern,

Children and students nowadays get such a bad name, schools get tarnished with bad reputations etc, however I wish to commend your school and the behaviour of your students in relation to your schools recent trip to Lanzarote.

I was a passenger on Thomas Cook Flight MT 1723 yesterday evening from Arrecife/Lanzarote back to Manchester, and I must admit the sight of about 30 school children did concern me slightly however I was totally mistaken and I just wish to credit the excellent responsible and respectful students you have at your school.

Their behaviour, especially which given understandably a teacher to student ratio of around 1:8/1:10 that students may try to take advantage, but I suppose also given the great chance that they got to partake with the Club La Santa trip (a trip myself at school age would of possibly loved given the choice however we never did get anything like that) but they did not and they excelled themselves. They were seated in the rows immediately behind myself and there were several incidents that I must credit to your school.

There was a young family of 5 (2 adults and 3 children) who faced being split up and having to put one parent with two kids on one row and then the other parent and a child on a row about 12 ahead, but after communicating with the Thomas cook Cabin crew, two of your students split from the group and sat themselves on the other row to allow the family to sit together, and I cannot fault any of their behaviour even split sat away from the tutors. Another of your students also kindly assisted one of the cabin crew with collecting rubbish midway through the flight – Again something which is so rare for children nowadays to be actively taking part in.

So I write this just to back up what I’m sure the teachers and tutors commented about their behaviour during the trip, but that during the flight back, everyone’s behaviour was impeccable and they showed your school in such a great light, showing everyone that children from your school are full of respect, manners and evidently well-guided. People are always so quick to judge and complain, and less so to compliment, so please take this email as an excellent compliment towards your school, your students and your teaching staff.

Many Kind Regards

Mr Daniel Cheng

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