Jack ‘The Fish’ Delaney

Jack Delaney Yr 7 has a huge passion for everything and anything to do with the sea. From an early age he has been a swimming daredevil – diving off rocks and cliffs with his long suffering parents watching and holding their breath!

It was during a family holiday to Egypt that the family decided to go deep sea snorkeling to look at the local marine life. That was it for Jack – he was smitten with the bug! As he was too young to learn to scuba dive, he decided to concentrate on deep sea snorkeling. The family returned once again to Egypt for a holiday when Jack was only 8 years old and this time he spent all holiday learning to scuba dive and achieved his Bubble Certificate – this meant that he not only had to scuba dive with a trainer but be an independent diver as well.

Jack has continued to swim and snorkel over the past couple of years, waiting patiently until he was old enough to start the Junior Scuba Certificate. Technically Jack should have been 12 to start this training, but due to his commitment was able to commence the training shortly after his 11th birthday.  He was so fascinated and determined to complete the training that he spent three and a half hours each morning studying in a class room with a dive master when the outside temperature was 30 degrees! Three exams later and various safety and depth dives ( up to 12 meters) to complete as well as demonstrating his ability to assemble/disassemble his kit, Jack passed with flying colours.

He is rightly very proud of his achievement and can’t wait to go back in October to take the Junior Open Water Course where he will once again study for exams and scuba dive from a boat in open deep waters to a depth of 20 meters.

Jack is now registered with Scuba Schools International as a junior diver and is looking forward to doing some dives with them in the UK. For the future he has his sights determinedly fixed on studying Marine Biology.

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