Beware the dangers of swimming in canals in hot weather!

Children are frequently warned about the dangers of swimming in canals and quarries in the hot weather….looks like someone needs to get the message out there to the local wildlife!

Not to be outdone by his wife’s rescue of Luciano The Cat last week, MR Johnson was out walking Sherlock (their dog) alongside the canal in Worsley and came across a deer that had fallen into the canal in an attempt to cool down in the recent hot weather. To Sherlock’s immense dismay (he hates water!), Mr Johnson jumped into the canal to try and help the deer. By steering it towards some nearby canal boats, and with the aid of another couple of onlookers, they managed to get it out of the water and off it scampered without a ‘by your leave’ or ‘a grateful thank you’ to its rescuers…some deers are just plain rude!! Needless to say a very unhappy Sherlock had his walk cut short to accompany a very soggy, slightly ‘wiffy’, owner home!

Bridgewater entrance exam 25th January 2019

Senior School Entrance Exam 31st January 2020

As a student preparing for Senior School. continuing their learning journey at Bridgewater School will help them to develop a real sense of who they are and exactly what they

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Anti Bullying Week 2019

Celebrating our differences for Anti-Bullying Week

Last week’s Anti-Bullying assembly was an important reminder of the significant impact that bullying has on a child’s life and our collective responsibility to make it stop. To help raise

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Bridgewater Artist of the Month Oct 19

Artist of the Month October 2019

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Bridgewater school production of Romeo and Juliet

Bridgewater presents… Romeo and Juliet

Bridgewater Senior School Productions are proud to present their modern take on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Set against the backdrop of a modern northern town, Romeo and Juliet is the

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