Kindness to ourselves and others

Pledges for World Kindness Day

From an early age, the way we view ourselves and others shapes our social development, it informs the relationships we build and impacts the community around us. At Bridgewater, pupils are given every encouragement to be everything they can be, and the inclusive and tolerant atmosphere within the school creates a positive environment in which all children can thrive.

Understanding, compassion and mutual respect are skills developed across all aspects of school life, and key dates within the school calendar provide additional opportunities for students to focus their learning and show understanding of these important areas of development.

World Kindness Day and Anti-Bullying Week are two such initiatives and this year students have created their own pledges of kindness to show their support.

I pledge to…

“Make a commitment to other people and be courageous. To be respectful to other people about their race and religion. To be thoughtful and caring and help anyone if they’re feeling sad.” Amelia Bvuma

“Be a good friend. To always smile when I can. To be respectful. To be helpful. To listen.” Raghav Nijhawan

“Be respectful and responsible. To help people who are feeling sad. To do what I am told first time. To be helpful when others need it. To be honest if I have done something wrong. To be kind.” Andrew Mucharwa

“Be responsible and make sure nobody is unkind. To be caring and thoughtful to everyone I see. To encourage others to do kind things. To spread kindness and be helpful to others. To smile at everyone and help them when they are sad.” Betsy-Beau Malloch

“Do one kind thing for somebody every day. To notice when somebody is kind. To help someone when they are stuck. To help when someone is hurt. To thank people. To talk with someone. To include people in games. To open a door for someone.” Shayan Arbab

Random acts of kindness

The school's family atmosphere and inclusive and tolerant ethos underpins the excellent personal development of pupils.

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