New learning experiences at Rivington

Bridgewater School Reception trip to Rivington Reservoir

The world around us offers a myriad of cross-curricular learning opportunities and this term, Reception children enjoyed an exciting journey to the beautiful Rivington Reservoir.

As the seasons change, so does our natural environment, and autumn provides a wonderful opportunity for children to experience first-hand the changing landscape as the trees prepare to lose their leaves for winter. The spectacular displays of gold, yellow, orange and red provide real world inspiration for our children’s ‘Autumn’ topic and, upon returning to the classroom, it is evident how being immersed by these amazing hues then informs pupils’ collage work, paintings and drawings.

‘Understanding the World’ is an important part of the curriculum for Early Years Foundation Stage and trips such as this link into many areas of learning allowing pupils a full cross-curricular experience. Communication and Language skills are developed as children are introduced to a new range of vocabulary related to the topic. Simple things, such as travelling together on the school minibus, enable children to develop self-help skills as they are encouraged to put on their own seatbelts and follow instructions regarding their safety. Whilst on the minibus, children engage in conversation with their peers; a vitally important skills as they learn to turn-take in conversation.

The Rivington trip, which offers an extremely safe environment for young children, also gives our youngest pupils the unique opportunity to run and be free; developing their gross motor skills whilst enjoying the stimulating outdoor space. Knowledge is expanded as the functions of a reservoir are discussed, and recap lessons within the classroom provide a pivotal opportunity to put this new vocabulary into practice.

Pupils' experiences are enriched by an extensive range of visits and extra-curricular activities.

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