Reflections on Lockdown

Reflections on Lockdown writing competition

The year 2020 has been one like no other. Whilst some have been able to focus on the positives of this quieter time, the Coronavirus lockdown has undoubtedly taken its toll on others.

In a writing competition entitled ‘Reflections on Lockdown’, the three winners invite us to take a look at the events of the past few months through their eyes.

KS3 Winner: Oliver O’Dea, Year 7

What I have noticed during lockdown is…that everything is really quiet and peaceful outside. It’s almost like you can hear yourself think and hear your heart beating like a drum in your chest. When I have sat outside in the sunshine and laid back to chill, at times I could hear nothingness but then when I listened harder and focused I could hear a whole array of birds. Their chirping and tweeting echoing all around and they sound like they are talking to each other and sometimes like they are trying to outdo each other. It was quite beautiful. I have never heard them before as I am usually in the garden shouting and playing football and drowning out their amazing sounds. Also, I have noticed that the trees in the wood behind the house were all spindly and bare like witches’ fingers at the start of lockdown but day by day more and more shoots and leaves have emerged and now it looks like an Amazon Rainforest – “rich, lush and several shades of green”.

Now…when it comes to me, I have noticed that I am much more moody that I realised I could be. I know for a fact that my mum would agree! On the other hand though, I have noticed that my mum can be an ogre – GRRRRRRR! She literally has no patience with me doing school work. I fear for my life at times haha…

Dad is usually a bit of an enigma (as I don’t see him that much as he’s always at work) so this lockdown escapade has been good in that respect. He’s been in charge of my physical fitness and at Christmas I bought some boxing gloves and pads. We were sparring in week two and I accidentally threw a wayward punch and sent him tumbling to the grounds like a felled oak tree. SPARKO – out for the count! I hasten to say we haven’t sparred again; I think I’ll leave it for the ring from now on?! Furthermore, I hadn’t realised how much work needed doing around the house. My mum has always said that there must be a washing, cooking and cleaning fairy in the house because it miraculously just happened 🙂 Now I know it’s just mum (with wings and a wand)!

So although lockdown has been boring a times, without playing with my friends, not playing or watching football or going out and about and venturing on holidays, it has been an eye opener in terms of the nature and calmness around me, especially in contrast to the working side by side with my mum – “lol”.

As lockdown continues, it has become like groundhog day – day after day seems to be a never ending monotony – wake up, wash, breakfast, school work dotted with occasional breaks, exercise, Xbox, tea, watch TV and bed…Click ‘REPEAT’ oh yes and then at weekends, hmmm…same thing again but no school work.

Imagine a rainforest

KS4 Winner: Jack Parrott, Year 10

My lockdown experience.

The COVID-19 crisis has the world shocked and scared. I don’t remember a time in my lifetime that we, as humanity, have experienced such shared horror. Drastic measures, like national lockdowns and daily reports on the ascending death rates.

Despite what is going on around the world, it has been a strange time of highs and lows for me. Since the start of lockdown I have been in the garden and walking outdoors a lot more often. There has often been no one else around.

We got a puppy called Jed, which we named after our Grand Parents, Jeane, Jeane and Gerald. I do not think we would have got the dog if my Dad had not been furloughed.

I miss My Family who I do not live with.

I have realised that we live in an amazing place. When we go on a walk we find new places every time. Just a few days ago we found a place not far from our house that had waterfalls and woodland trails. We also took our dog to the beach for his first time and he loved it, he was running around off his lead.

With my school work I have been trying to keep up as best I can, but it’s stressful as it was hard to keep track of what is set and when it’s for. The I fell behind as there was a lot of work to do that I didn’t understand until my mum rang school and helped me. Then I got it all figured out. It becomes a bit overwhelming.

A really difficult time was when my Dad had to go for a Coronavirus test, which is horrible for anyone, but my Dad has an illness making Immunosupressed and we didn’t know if he had it for a few days so we were all really worried for him, hoping he was going to be OK. After two or three days we got his results back saying he tested negative for COVID-19, which was a massive relief.

Although I am not seeing my friends in person, it hasn’t been that bad because I can still talk to them, as we play online video games most days together. I am looking forward to being able to meet them one on one to go on walks or bike rides together.


KS5 Winner: Emma Valentine, Year 12

Emma Valentine reflecting on lockdown.

Lockdown has been a blessing in disguise. However, there are definitely many things that I truly miss and am not able to do, such as; stagecoach, going to the gym, going to zumba, doing yoga at school and I genuinely miss school and seeing my friends and teachers everyday. Particularly, as I definitely sleep better when I’m at school as I’m working in many different rooms – as for at home, there’s only two locations that I can work in.

Having a goal everyday is a great way to stay motivated. So at 5.30pm everyday I go for a 2 mile walk and then the next day a 2 mile run. This is so beneficial for me, mentally and physically, since I went on runs before lockdown started so I do this instead of doing zumba, yoga or going to the gym. It only takes about 10 monutes longer than my usual run did, I prefer the scenery and the route it better!

Particularly, as we’re now approaching the summer term, I have been able to sit outside in the lovely garden and read. It’s so relaxing and soothing and is a great way to kill time! So far, I have read about three books since lockdown started and can’t wait to get into the next one! I have found that reading books is so entertaining and relaxing, but I don’t really have the opportunity to read whilst at school because of the workload.

Schoolwork hasn’t been an issue as I can get on with my work at a slower pace and at my own leisure which I find is really beneficial and I’ve actually quite enjoyed working from home. This is also a fabulous opportunity to make sure I go over everything that we have done so far so that I am all refreshed and ready to go once we are properly back at school. If we were at school, typically, my morning routine would be getting up at 6:00, having a shower, getting dessed, having breakfast, doing my makeup, doing my hair and then I woul walk to the bus stop. However, I can now sleep in till about 8:15, and then get up so that I’m ready to start work at 9:00 and I no longer bother with my hair or makeup because I can’t be bothered and there’s no need for it. This is definitely something beneficial that’s come out of being in lockdown as I can get a lie in on a school morning and I don’t have a set schedule for breaks and lunch like I would have at school!

As for shopping, which is one of my beloved hobbies, indeed I miss not being able to go out and spend the day shopping, however, nowadays I am starting to do a lot of shopping online – which I don’t normally do and I actually really enjoy it. Not being able to shop as much as I would like to, does however, give me that opportunity to save up lots of money, so that way I’m able to spend it on things that I can enjoy – possibly some new clothing or some jewellery! Stagecoach is something that I really miss as well, seeming as I had just got settled in as I’d recently joined. Although, I am still able to do all our things at home, including practising our songs, going through the dance and looking through my lines. I practise the dance in my bedroom and have even decided to take this opportinity to try out new songs and work on a little bit of musical theatre – as this is what I hope to study at university.

In my opinion, rather than focusing on the negative side of things, and thinking about what things we can no longer do, I think this is a great opportunity for us to try new things! I have found that actually shopping online is less tiring, I have managed to do quite a bit of studying and reminded myself of several topics in my subjects. I have spent a day working outside because the weather was fabulous, I have read many books and even decided to purchase a couple more books including “A monster calls” and “The book thief.”

Obviously, I don’t enjoy not being able to do all the things before lockdown started, but in some ways it did save me a little because I was able to spend more time learning my lines and songs for stagecoach, and I even caught up on some revision that I was  little behind on! I love working in the garden, particularly when the weather is lovely – as I can’t really do that in school.

So, overall, I would say that I’ve quite enjoyed it. Although, I will be glad when more non-essential shops open and I recently found out that we only have five more weeks until the summer, so I really hope that we do go back for even just a day before we officially break up as it would be lovely to see everyone.


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