“You’re hired!” – Yr 8 Enterprise Challenge

Just two hours to form a team, allocate roles, design a new product and roll out to market with a sparkling presentation to boot! Sound familiar? Yr 8 students totally embraced the Enterprise Challenge set by their Sixth Form – Yr 12 – peers today. The brief was to develop a new and exciting chocolate bar under the brand name ‘Cadburys’. As always across the different groups, ‘team leader’ was a closely contested position, with roles allocated to new product developer, packaging designer, branding manager and promotion. Two hours … and some hard work later… some very creative products emerged along with some stand out presentations. Prizes went to Marianne, Ezha, Charlie and Aryan for their recognition of market trends by combining favoured popcorn into a chocolate bar whilst Reda, Hanna, Raya and Charlie embraced the concept of an ‘international bar’ designed to appeal to a wide target audience which also cleverly identified a need for the ingredients to be suitable for vegetarians and halal friendly amongst others.

Bridgewater entrance exam 25th January 2019

Senior School Entrance Exam 31st January 2020

As a student preparing for Senior School. continuing their learning journey at Bridgewater School will help them to develop a real sense of who they are and exactly what they

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Bridgewater School Open Day 2 November 2019

Whole School Open Day 2nd November 2019

  Whole School Open Day Saturday 2nd November 2019, 10am-2pm Whether your child joins us at the very start of their learning journey in EYFS, as a Prep School pupil

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Wrap Up Greater Manchester

Working together to Wrap Up Greater Manchester

‘Warm a heart, give a coat’ is the emotive appeal by the Rotary Club for the Wrap Up Greater Manchester campaign and we’re asking our Bridgewater parents to join us

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Bridgewater student inspired at Super League Grand Final 2019

Student inspired by Super League Grand Final 2019

Last weekend beaming Bridgewater student, Kieran Flynn, had the honour of participating in the 2019 Super League Grand Final at Old Trafford, having been selected as a ball boy for

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