Escape Box provides new team-building experience for Sixth Formers

Escape Box at Bridgewater Sixth Form

Bridgewater School Sixth Form is a time to share ambitions, laughter and ideas with like-minded people, learning to work together, achieve together and be part of a team. Here we strive to promote a spirit of independent thinking and successful collaboration and our annual Sixth Form bonding experience is designed to do just that.

This year a range of immersive team-building activities were provided by The Problem Solving Company, who came to Drywood Hall armed with an array of equipment ready to test and develop students’ reasoning and lateral thinking skills.

Teamwork was the focus as Year 12 and 13 students used their initiative and communication skills to break codes, move the immovable and beat the clock in a series of tailored exercises, the highlight of which proved to be the Escape Box, a race against time which challenged the students in a whole host of unique and unexpected ways.

Mrs Minta, Head of Sixth Form said: “The team-building day is an enjoyable and insightful experience for everyone involved. Sixth Form is a period of major exploration when individuals are encouraged to take on new roles and develop the skills necessary to succeed. The opportunities for initiative and leadership are an integral part of life in the Sixth Form and the skills acquired today will prove invaluable.”

To find out more about the benefits of a Bridgewater School Sixth Form education, please call 0161 794 1463 or email Alln visitors are invited to attend the Sixth Form Open Evening on Tuesday 8th October, 6pm-8pm.

As a Sixth Former, you'll find we are here to expand your horizons and help you find your unique voice.

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