Students look ahead for National Careers Week

Bridgewater students look to the future during National Careers Week

At Bridgewater School we understand the necessity of ensuring students are offered relevant information and guidance regarding their potential future career options and our Careers Programme is designed to enable all students, of differing needs, interests and skills, to make informed choices about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Careers and inspiration activities run throughout the school calendar and this year’s National Careers Week provided the perfect focus for a week-long programme of activities across the school.

A range of initiatives including a careers quiz, games and a rewards points challenge were introduced to encourage senior students to think about career and employability skills and, with Year 9 pupils soon to make important decisions about their GCSE options, additional focus was given to career pathways and employers utilising Springpod, the early careers network for young people aged 13-24.

The week also incorporated the UCAS Higher Education Exhibition at Manchester Central, which Year 12 students attended in order to broaden their understanding of the academic and career opportunities available to them.

And it wasn’t just our senior students who were looking to the future. Prep pupils were also given opportunities to think about the possibilities open to them and just what they could achieve.

Bridgewater will not only help you to reach your goals, it will enable you to exceed them.

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