Students excel in Numeracy Day challenge

National Numeracy Day 2020

The 13th May 2020 saw students across the school participate in a range of virtual activities and challenges in support of National Numeracy Day, an annual event that aims to increase awareness of the value and presence of numbers in everyday life.

A range of ‘at home’ practical maths activities invited Prep pupils to have fun with numbers, whilst to help encourage resilience and build confidence with numeracy for later life, Senior School students were set a quiz based on numbers in different areas of life such as geography, history, music, sport and general knowledge.

Congratulations to the following students who successfully answered all questions correctly: Moni Abioye (Y8), Yann Miyalu, Annabel Ahereza (Y9) and Julie Jeon (Y10), plus a special mention to Year 7’s Josh Martin and Katie Harrison who scored a highly impressive 24 out of 25.

Interested to see how you would have fared?

  1. How many people would be at a party if each of the main characters from the TV show FRIENDS brought 7 friends with them?
  2. How many years are there between the start of the First World War and the beginning of the Second World War?
  3. According to a recent report, the average ANNUAL pay in the women’s Super League in England is £26,752, while their male colleagues in the Premier League earn an average of £50,000 per WEEK. Which is the best estimate of a ratio for their salaries?


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