Stories of love and kindness

Isabella Alldred and grandfather

At Bridgewater School our outwardly focused approach to education is designed to not only nurture each young person’s individual qualities but also to build a mature awareness of their personal and social responsibilities. Testament to this is the amazing array of acts of kindness that our students continue to perform for their communities and loved ones in the face of often personally challenging circumstances.

A shining example of this is eleven year old Isabella Alldred, who has had more to cope with than most and yet whose positive attitude, patience and kindness is unwavering and, quite simply, wonderful to see.

The Prep VI pupil who has been in complete isolation with her family since lockdown began, is managing to combine her schoolwork with looking after her elderly grandfather who has required 24 hour care since his stroke two years ago.

Said mum, Sonia: “Isabella deserves a medal in my eyes. Every morning she gets up and helps her grandad brush his teeth before sitting down to schoolwork. She sings to him, reads to him, even waters his plants and flowers for him and does everything she can to make him smile. In addition to dad’s stroke, he also suffers from dementia and Isabella is able to handle this incredibly sensitively, able to calm him down when he becomes confused. She does all of this without complaint and we are all so very proud of her.”

We believe that indivduals count. So we are interested in what makes us all different. Not just what makes us the same.

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